Executive Coaching is a powerful tool to explore and connect with your purpose, expand your perspective, and elevate your impact.

As an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach, my practice is grounded in behavioral science, emotional and social intelligence, and neuroscience research. My compassionate and supportive presence enables leaders to fight burnout, bring their best selves to work, and elevate their leadership effectiveness.

I also partner with other rockstar coaches who have an average of 15 years coaching and leadership development experience. If I am not available to work with you, or you need multiple coaches for your leaders, you will be in excellent hands with one of my coaches!

The Process

  1. We will work together to ensure my coaching program is the right fit, and establish a cadence for our sessions (typically two to four times a month, for six to twelve months)
  2. Using feedback from key stakeholders and psychometric assessments, I will work with you to create an individualized development plan
  3. Your goals will drive the coaching process, and I will help you navigate roadblocks along the way

What to Expect

  • Confidentiality – Everything we discuss is considered confidential. The more openly you share, the more you will get out of our sessions.
  • Presence – Personal growth requires focus. Eliminating distractions during our sessions is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.
  • Commitment – The first step is showing up. If a session needs to be cancelled by either you or me, we will give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice and commit to rescheduling within 24 hours.
balance or burnout

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