Is Self-Sabotage Burning You Out?

is self-sabotage burning you out?

Burnout is a trap. What’s worse is that it’s a trap that’s hard to escape from once you’re in it. Because of this, it’s best to avoid it completely. Easier said than done… especially when some of us are stuck in self-sabotaging habits that are a fast track to burnout. The traps include being overly adaptable and trying too hard to please others, being a perfectionist and holding yourself to unreasonably high standards, imposter syndrome or feeling like you’re not good enough for your job, overworking, and feeling like you are powerless to change an unfavorable situation. By taking steps to avoid these traps, you have a much better chance of avoiding burnout in the process.

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Writing by Dr. Kandi Wiens

Dr. Kandi Wiens

I am a researcher, speaker, executive coach, and leadership development facilitator. I’m also a Senior Fellow at The University of Pennsylvania, where I teach in the PennCLO Executive Doctoral Program, the Penn Master’s in Medical Education Program, and Wharton Executive Education. All of my work is deeply rooted in the latest positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and mindset research.

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