Are You Burned Out? Or Is It Something Else?

Are You Burned Out? Or Is It Something Else?

“I’m just burned out.” How often have you heard a family member or colleague diagnose themselves with burnout? Burnout is definitely a very real danger when faced with toxic workplaces, extreme self-imposed expectations, or long hours… but it isn’t always burnout.

In this article, I ask three questions to help you determine whether the symptoms you’re feeling are consistent with burnout or if they’re something less serious that could eventually lead to burnout. True burnout is much harder to recover from, so knowing where you stand can be a career (and mental health) lifesaver.

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Writing by Dr. Kandi Wiens

Dr. Kandi Wiens

I am a researcher, speaker, executive coach, and leadership development facilitator. I’m also a Senior Fellow at The University of Pennsylvania, where I teach in the PennCLO Executive Doctoral Program, the Penn Master’s in Medical Education Program, and Wharton Executive Education. All of my work is deeply rooted in the latest positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and mindset research.

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