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Reeling From a Sudden Job Loss? Here’s How to Start Healing.

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Sudden job loss is as real as any other loss. It can be painful, baffling, and leave you feeling anxious, depressed, or even aimless. We put a lot of our identity into our jobs, and whether you’re laid off, fired, moved to a different role or team, or even begrudgingly leaving due to life circumstances…  it’s often wise to take a little time just to heal.The emotions that arise after these situations can feel intense, or even unmanageable, especially if you had your “dream job” or felt you were on the right path to a career you’ve always wanted. Unexpected career changes often come with loss of income, which adds a whole new level of stress.So if this happens to you, it’s vital that you do your best to handle the change in a healthy and productive way, instead of engaging in a deep and damaging spiral. Reach out for help. Confide in your friends. And begin again. In this article, I give you tips to make it through this process while reconnecting to your purpose, healing, and hopefully coming out in brighter, better days. 

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